The CreekWatch Program

CreekWatch is a community-based environmental monitoring program by the non-profit RiverWatch Institute of Alberta.

The objective of CreekWatch is to connect communities with the science and stewardship relevant to their local natural areas and stormwater creeks. Adult volunteers work in teams using portable water quality labs to research and answer the question “How healthy are our creeks?”

Volunteers and RiverWatch staff collect weekly data at walk-in sites along creeks entering the rivers flowing through Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Data comparisons help highlight stormwater impact upon our creeks throughout the open water season March-October and a report is published annually on World Water Day.

Since 2014, the CreekWatch Program has worked with corporate and community volunteers to collect water quality data and to improve habitat. These great activities contribute in meaningful ways to the understanding and management of stormwater and natural areas.


CreekWatch engages volunteers in authentic science. Each volunteer team has the use of a portable water quality lab for collecting data on dissolved oxygen, phosphates, nitrates, chloride, pH, temperature and turbidity. CreekWatch provides the leadership, science instruction and equipment for a safe and quality experience.

Data Graphing Platform

Our online database allows for the uploading of water quality data and is essential in virtually preserving the data collected through CreekWatch. Our unique graphing platform allows for trend analysis, data graphing, and creek comparisons.

CreekWatch Data Viewing

Creekwatch Annual Report

CreekWatch examines the health of urban creeks in Alberta based on water quality data collected with the assistance of community-based environmental monitoring groups, water quality technicians and lab analysis.

CreekWatch Report Card 2018



There are five creeks within Calgary that are monitored on a weekly basis, all flowing into the Bow River.

Calgary Sampling Locations


CreekWatch monitors seven creeks in Edmonton that all flow towards the North Saskatchewan River.

Edmonton Sampling Locations

Red Deer

Two creeks are being monitored in Red Deer that eventually make their way into the Red Deer River.

Red Deer Sampling Locations