Red Deer Sampling Locations

Stream Profile
Waskasoo Creek’s headwaters extend from the parklands of central Alberta as the creek parallels the Red Deer River before its confluence in the City of Red Deer. The creek travels through significant areas of farmland with limited natural land cover, and where the natural flow at times has been diverted or channelized. Piper Creek joins Waskasoo Creek within the City limits, and there are many green spaces along the creek’s riparian areas that provide great walking trails that lead up to the creek’s confluence with the Red Deer River.

Access the mouth of Waskasoo Creek through parking along Wasksoo Crescent. A short walk down the pathway leads you to a bridge crossing over the creek.

GPS Coordinates at sampling location: 52.277396, -113.805605

Closest Navigable Address: 4558 Waskasoo Crescent, Red Deer, AB T4N 2M2